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What is ScanBoy?

ScanBoy is a lightning fast, fun, and unique document scanning app for iOS and iPadOS. Users can quickly and easily create PDFs with selectable text. Filenames based on the context of the document can be automatically generated with remarkable accuracy using artificial intelligence.

Features and Pricing

ScanBoy is free to download with an optional ScanBoy Pro subscription.

📄 Scan with Ease

Transform your camera into a portable scanner that captures every detail with precision, effortlessly turning physical documents into high-quality PDFs.

🔍 OCR Magic

Say goodbye to manual typing! ScanBoy's built-in OCR technology recognizes text within your scanned documents, making it easy to search, edit, and extract information.

🤖 AI-Generated Filenames

Let ScanBoy take the guesswork out of naming your scanned files with smart, descriptive filenames based on the content of the document.

📝 Filename Templates

Tired of manually typing out filenames for repetitive documents? With this powerful feature, you can create easy, repeatable, and fully customizable filenames for those batches of documents that seem to never end.

⚡️ Lightning-Fast Operation

Enjoy a streamlined experience with ScanBoy's optimized speed, ensuring that your scanning tasks are completed in a flash.

🎨 Themes Galore

Personalize the app with a range of vibrant colors and designs, bringing a touch of fun and style to the app.

Free Features

  • Unlimited, high quality PDF document creation.
  • Customizable filename templates for quickly naming similar documents.

Pro Features

  • Everything in the free version of ScanBoy.
  • Optical character recognition for all documents for selectable text.
  • Save to a custom default directory in Apple Files.
  • Filename suggestions generated by artificial intelligence, powered by OpenAI.
  • Custom folder locations beyond the default "ScanBoy" folders in Apple Files.
  • Faster scanning by allowing the user to start the app with the camera open.
  • Customize the look of the app with themes.


We take data privacy very seriously and believe that a user’s data is their own. Please see our privacy policy for a complete overview.


For any questions, please email me at


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