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Unlike other apps that save bookmarks that stay unread forever, Ephemera sets a deadline that the bookmark must be read by. Users will be reminded before the deadline expires — but if they miss it, that bookmark is gone. It couldn't have been important anyway, right? Anything that gets read is kept around for future reference, too.

What is Ephemera?

The chances are good that people already use some sort of bookmarking app or service, but they all suffer from the same problem — they're full of blog posts, articles, recipes, and more that just never get read. We're aspirational when we save these things, but we never make time to read them. Sometimes we just forget they're there and that's why Ephemera will remind users to read what they saved — and then delete it if they don't.

Users can configure when they will be reminded about a bookmark as well as at what point it will be deleted if it goes unread, too.

Ephemera was built to save us all from a long list of items that we'll never read, adding anxiety where it doesn't need to be.

Users can enjoy a long list of features, including:

  • Configurable default expiration dates for new bookmarks.
  • Configurable notification reminders so people will always be warned before a bookmark expires.
  • Reading statistics that show how much people are reading and how often bookmarks go unread.
  • Widgets to put your bookmarks on the Home screen.
  • Bookmarks that sync across iPhone and iPad.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easier bookmark navigation.
  • Quick and easy saving of bookmarks from within Safari and other apps.
  • Open Ephemera with a URL on the clipboard and save it as a bookmark with a tap.

Users can choose how to read bookmarks, whether that's via a web browser of their choice or from within Ephemera itself.

Who is Ephemera for?

Ephemera is for anyone who has tens, hundreds, and even thousands of unread bookmarks and feels bad about it. Saving an item to Ephemera is as quick and easy as it should be and it'll warn them before deleting anything that's been left unread for a specified amount of time. No anxiety and no fuss.

Ephemera is also for anyone who wants to save important articles that they need to be reminded about, too. That could be something that's time-sensitive or just a really good recipe that they want to check out before mom comes for dinner.

People can use Ephemera on iPhone and iPad so their bookmarks are always with them no matter where they are or which device they are using. It's perfect for those who save items on their iPhone but want to read them on their iPad, for example. A Mac app is planned and is in development.


Ephemera is free to download with an optional Ephemera Premium purchase. Ephemera can be used without it, but a default expiration date will be applied to all bookmarks.


We take data privacy very seriously and believe that a user’s data is their own. That’s why Ephemera doesn’t collect any personal data whatsoever.


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